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Strawberry Bavarian Cream Laura The Gastronaut

Strawberry Bavarian Cream

Fresh Tomato Quiche with Anchovies and Olives Laura The Gastronaut

Fresh Tomato Quiche with
Anchovies and Olives

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Gratin Jurassien

Julia Child's Oeufs a la Bourguignonne

Mastering the Art of French Cooking | Julia Child

Recipe 64

- Oeufs à la Bourguignonne [Eggs Poached in Red Wine], p. 121

You can buy Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking which contains these recipes here.


Butter Count: +7.5 TB

Cost: $8.97 [~$1.12 per serving]

This recipe takes the poached egg to the next level. Why poach an egg in water when you can poach it in red wine?! I’m just mad I didn’t think of doing this on my own. It’s genius! The red wine sauce poured on top of the egg is thick and so full of flavor. It’s also a beautiful dark purple which is fun because it’s not a color that is normally on your plate.

First, eggs are poached in beef bouillon and red wine. WARNING- these eggs are going to become very unappetizing. The whites of the eggs turn a purple, dark greyish-black color. They will look like something you definitely do not want to be putting in your mouth. This is the exact reason I will not be posting a picture of them. I wouldn’t want to scare you away from this recipe. But have no fear, we will cover up their ugliness with a red wine sauce!

After poaching the eggs, you will add a bay leaf, parsley sprigs, thyme, garlic, green onion, cayenne pepper, and a pinch of pepper to the sauce. Rapidly boil it down to make a reduction. The parsley and bay leaf are removed and a paste consisting of butter mixed with flour is added off-heat. This mixture is called a beurre mainié. Fancy, right? Then the sauce is boiled for 30 more seconds and seasonings are corrected.

Canapes Julia Child

Right before you serve, one last ingredient is added. You got it- it’s butter. The poached eggs are served on canapés (white bread sautéed in clarified butter and rubbed with a cut garlic), and topped with the sauce and minced parsley. And there you have it- a purple brunch.

Julia Child Eggs Poached in Red Wine

You can find these recipes and all the other Julia Child recipes I make in Mastering the Art of French Cooking

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February 10, 2020 by Laura Bullock

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