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November 15, 2021 | Laura Bullock

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India Cooking Around the World


Hi! Are you ready to take your taste buds on the trip of a lifetime? If so, let's go! Today on Cooking Around the World, we are headed to India. To say I was really excited for this would be an understatement. I love Indian food. While in pharmacy school, there was a local Indian restaurant that served up the best dishes and had an amazing lunch buffet. I could have eaten there every single day. I'm sure of it. For this trip to India, my husband and I will be making the dish that was voted most popular in India by the internet, listening to music from India, and watching videos about Indian street food. These Cooking Around the World experiences are great to eat and cook new delicious foods, and have a great time in the kitchen with family and friends. It's also the perfect date night idea.

My Cooking Around the World adventures are guided by a forum I ran across on the internet. You can find the Reddit list here. Basically somebody asked, "What food is your country most known for?" and the forum blew up with responses from all over the world! My husband and I's goal is to really capture the culture of each country by making an authentic recipe of the most popular dish listed. So what are you waiting for? You don't even have to pack your bags because we are traveling to India without ever leaving our kitchen!

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The Country: India

Tidbits about India:

- Location:

India Map

- Languages Spoken: Hindi & English

- Formal Greeting in UAE: namaste

- How to Say 'Thank You': dhanyavaad (formal) or shukriya (informal)

- How to Say 'Goodbye': alavida

- How to Say 'The food is delicious.': bhojan svaadisht hai

- Capital: New Delhi

- Flag:

India Flag


The recipe that was chosen as most popular for India was Biryani. I always try to keep these Cooking Around the World challenges as authentic as possible so look all over the internet for an authetnic recipe. I stumbled upon the blog, Swasthi's Recipes, which had an excellent recipe for Hyderabadi Biryani with explanations and step-by-step pictures.


One theory claims the word Biryani comes from the Persian word, birian, which means "fried before cooking." Another theory says Biryani derives from the Persian word, birinj, which means rice. It is a dish that consists of basmati (long-grain rice), spices, meat (usually chicken, lamb, fish) or vegetables, and a thick gravy. It is then cooked over low heat.

There are multiples types of biryani. The most popular types of biryani in India is Hyderabadi biryani which includes meat (usually goat or chicken), basmati rice, and spices. The meat is commonly marinated in yogurt and spices prior to cooking as the acid in the yogurt helps to tenderize the meat. Caramelized onion, fruits, nuts, and fresh herbs are also common to find within a biryani.


Head over to Swasthi's Recipes to get the delicious hyderabadi biryani recipe. The recipe also suggested making a biryani gravy which I highly recommend. SO GOOD. This is the exact recipe that my husband and I followed for our Cooking Around the World adventure.

This recipe does take quite a few steps, but it didn't get too crazy. The recipe has many step-by-step pictures and a lengthy explanation which helps a ton. A traditional biryani does require some specific kitchen tools, but when following this recipe, I was able to use my Lodge Dutch Oven (*affiliate link) which worked great. We did get some burn on the marinade that was at the bottom of our dutch oven (underneath the chicken). With a little bit of searching online, I was able to find a few recipes that have oven instructions for the final cooking which may help with the burning if you don't have all the right equipment.

As for the ingredients, I was able to find everything the recipe called for except for whole cardamom. I added a bit of ground cardamom to make up for that flavor. For the meat, I used skin-on chicken thighs that I marinated in yogurt and spices overnight. This seems like it was the right decision. These chicken thighs were so flavorful and tender. I really can't decide if I liked the chicken, rice, or gravy more... It was all so good. Oh yeah, and make sure you have a bunch of naan to sop all that deliciousness.

This recipe did take us a bit of time to complete, but it's all part of the experience, right?! Also, if you can, let that chicken soak in the yogurt marinade overnight. It's worth it.

For this recipe:

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I have found some Indian songs on Spotify. We listened to this while we were cooking and eating and really put us right into the country! You can find the playlist to all these songs below and by clicking here!


One of my favorite things about these virtual trips is watching videos over the food culture of the country. I love this video made by Luke Martin. All the food in this video looks sooo good, and I want to try it all!

This trip to India was so much fun, and I hope you had fun reading about biryani! I love trying new foods and being able to fully enjoy the cooking process. Let me down below if you take a trip to India!

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बॉन एपेतीत! [bon epeteet!] - translation of Bon appétit! in Hindi

November 15, 2021 by Laura Bullock

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