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Cherry Bomb Jello Shots

March 28, 2023 | Laura

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These cherry bomb jello shots are so good and perfect for your next party! These shots are so full of flavor- made with cherry Jello, cherry vodka, red bull, and grenadine. Top them with a maraschino cherry to make them extra delicious and cute!

Cherry Bomb Jello Shots Recipe

Cherry bomb shots, for the win.

If you are a big fan of cherry bomb shots (and I mean, who isn't?) then you'll also love these cherry bomb jello shots! These cherry shots are filled with all the same great flavors as the classic shot but in jello form! Red Bull, cherry flavoring, and grenadine make for the perfect combination of flavors!

Take your jello shot game to the next level with this easy jello shot recipe. These cherry vodka jello shots are great served at any type of party- big or small!

Cherry Bomb Jello Shots: Ingredients

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✽ Red Bull: To make these shots have maximum flavor, I swap out the boiling water with Red Bull! You get that classic Red Bull energy soda taste with added sweetness.

✽ Cherry Gelatin Packet (Powder): This cherry jello brings in all that cherry candy goodness. It will also make these shots cherry red! You will need one 3 oz box of cherry jello for this recipe. You could also use black cherry jello if you prefer.

✽ Cherry Vodka: You could use regular vodka for this shot recipe, but I prefer using cherry flavored vodka. It adds in cherry flavor and ensures that these shots won't have that strong vodka taste.

Some good brands include Smirnoff Cherry Vodka, Three Olives Cherry Vodka, UV Cherry Vodka, and Veil Cherry Vodka.

✽ Grenadine: Just like regular cherry bomb shots, these jello shots also have a splash of grenadine syrup added to them. These brings in a sweet taste and a nice pomegranate flavor that pairs well with the cherry flavorings. I used Rose's Grenadine for this recipe.

✽ Maraschino Cherries: To make these shots extra fun and tasty, top each one or garnish the side of the shot glass with a lovely maraschino cherry or cocktail cherry!

How to Make Cherry Bomb Jell-O Shots

➊ In a small saucepan, bring 3/4 cup Red Bull to a boil. Whisk the boiling Red Bull into 3 ounces of cherry jell-o powder in a medium or large mixing bowl or large measuring cup. Whisk for about 2 minutes until all the gelatin dissolves.

Cherry Jello Shots Recipe

βž‹ Whisk in 1 cup cherry vodka and 1/4 cup grenadine into the hot jello mixture. Stir well.

Cherry Vodka Jello Shots

Cherry Jello Shots with Red Bull

➌ Pour mixture into 2 ounce plastic shot glasses or jello shot cups. You should get about 10 shots. I like to set all the plastic cups on a small baking sheet or sheet pan so that it is easier to carry them to and from the fridge. Place the shots in the fridge for 3-4 hours or until set.

➍ Right before serving, garnish each shot with a maraschino cherry or cocktail cherry. Cheers!

Cherry Bomb Shots Recipe

Cherry Vodka Bomb Jello Shots Recipe

Cherry Jello Shots with Red Bull: Questions

✽ Do I have to use cherry vodka?

Nope! I choose to use cherry vodka because it adds in more delicious cherry flavor rather than a plain vodka flavor. However, these shots will still taste good if you use regular vodka.

✽ Can I put more alcohol in these jello shots?

I do not recommend adding more than a cup of alcohol to these gelatin shots. When you change how much alcohol you add, you run the risk of the jello shots not setting properly.

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Cherry Bomb Jello Shots Recipe with Cherry Vodka and Red Bull

Cherry Bomb Jello Shots Recipe

Cherry Bomb Jello Shots

By Laura | Laura The Gastronaut
Prep Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 4 hours 5 minutes
Yield: 10 shots

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These bright red jello shots are so good and perfect for anybody that is a fan of jell-o shots! They are so full of flavor- made with cherry Jello, cherry vodka, red bull, and grenadine. Top with a maraschino cherry to make this tasty jello shot extra cute!

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β€’ 3/4 cup Red Bull energy drink
β€’ 3 ounces cherry gelatin powder
β€’ 1 cup cherry vodka
β€’ 1/4 cup grenadine
β€’ Optional: 10 maraschino cherries, for garnish


➊ In a small saucepan, bring Red Bull to a boil. In a medium mixing bowl, whisk boiling Red Bull into the cherry gelatin powder. Continue whisking for about 2 minutes until all the powder has dissolved.
βž‹ Whisk in cherry vodka and grenadine.
➌ Pour liquid Jello mixture into 10 2-ounce jello plastic containers or cups. Place in the fridge for about 3-4 hours or until the shots have set.
➍ Right before serving, garnish each shot with a maraschino cherry, if desired. Cheers!


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March 28, 2023 by Laura Ehlers

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