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Pomegranate Cranberry Mocktail

December 2, 2022 | Laura

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This mocktail contains all those cozy winter vibes. Made with pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, and bitters, it is bound to be your new go-to non-alcoholic treat on those Christmas evenings and chilly days. A bit of ginger beer is added for a little bit of fizz and extra flavor. Garnish with sugared cranberries for an extra special drink.

Winter Pomegranate Cranberry Drink Non Alcoholic

Beautiful Winter Mocktail

This pretty non-alcoholic drink is perfect for celebrating the holidays and all of the winter season! I'm not always feeling a cocktail, but I'm always feeling a pretty drink in fun glassware. This beautiful dark red mocktail is delicious, has amazing winter flavors and is a super quick and easy mocktail to make. This flavorful mocktail is one of my favorite ways to wind down on those cozy December and January evenings. This fruity drink also a great choice at any party during the holiday season or at any holiday gatherings. It is also the perfect mocktail to add to your list of alcohol-free options for dry January in the new year!

winter pomegranate mocktail recipe

Pomegranate Cranberry Mocktail Ingredients

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✽ Pomegranate Juice: I love making mocktails with pomegranate juices because it is a great way to add in a nice slight tannic astringency and tart flavor which helps these non-alcoholic cocktails mimic a wine taste. Plus, pomegranate juice is just really tasty on its own. It also contains enough sugar on its own to eliminate the need for making a simple syrup. I used POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice.

✽ Cranberry Juice: Just like the pomegranate juice, the cranberry juice will also add in a bit of tartness and astringency. Make sure to grab the 100% Cranberry Juice and NOT the cranberry juice cocktail (the cocktail juice adds too much added sugar for this drink). While you could use just pomegranate alone or cranberry alone, I found that the mixture of the two in equal amounts gave the best winter flavor. The fruit juice combination also makes this drink a gorgeous color!

✽ Angostura Aromatic Bitters: While optional, I do feel like the bitters adds a nice spiced taste to the drink. I love Angostura bitters, but you could use any spiced bitters that you like. A dash of orange bitters would also be tasty. I add a very small amount so that the taste is there but only a very very little amount of alcohol is added. You should be able to find bitters at most grocery stores.

✽ Ginger Beer: Ginger beer will add in a nice kick of spicy ginger flavor and a bit of bubbles. While any ginger beer (NOT ginger ale) will do, I like to use either Reed's Ginger Beer or Fever Tree Ginger Beer.

✽ Nutmeg: Nutmeg on drinks during the festive season is always a good idea. A small sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg on top of the completed mocktail will make it even more Christmas-y.

✽ Sugared Cranberries: Lastly, I like to garnish this festive drink with some sugared fresh cranberries. Simply rinse the fresh cranberries under water then roll around in a bowl of sugar until covered. Alternatively, you could also float a few fresh pomegranate seeds (pomegranate arils) in the drink as well.

How to Make Cranberry Ginger Pomegranate Mocktail

➊ In a cocktail shaker, combine a couple ice cubes, 2 ounces of 100% cranberry juice, 2 ounces of pomegranate juice, and 1 dash of Angostura bitters (optional). Shake until chilled, about 10 seconds.

christmas drink with cranberry juice

βž‹ Strain shaken fruit juices into a cocktail glass (such as a coupe glass or you can choose to use rocks or martini glasses as well). Pour in 2 ounces of ginger beer. Give a slight stir.

christmas drink with cranberry juice

➌ Sprinkled mocktail with just a bit of freshly grated nutmeg. Garnish the drink with a cocktail pick of sugared cranberries. Cheers!

pomegranate drink non alcoholic recipe

Pomegranate Mocktail Recipe: Questions

✽ Can I use pomegranate cranberry juice instead?

Absolutely! There's a couple brands out there that sell a cranberry pomegranate juice combination which will taste great in this mocktail. Simply replace the 2oz cranberry juice + 2oz pomegranate juice with 4oz cranberry-pomegranate juice.

✽ Why add bitters to a mocktail?

Bitters are an excellent way to add depth to a nonalcoholic drink. Bitters do contain alcohol, but by adding just a small dash to a mocktail, the effects are negligible.

However, if you don't want to add bitters, you can simple omit it or buy a non-alcoholic bitters alternate.

✽ How do I sugar cranberries?

Rinse the fresh cranberries under water then roll around in a bowl of sugar until they are coated with the sugar.

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non alcoholic christmas drinks

Pomegranate Cranberry Mocktail

By Laura | Laura the Gastronaut
Prep Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 1 mocktail

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This delicious drink contains all those cozy winter vibes. Made with pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, and bitters, it is bound to be your new go-to non-alcoholic treat during the winter months and at holiday parties. A bit of ginger beer is added for delicious fizzy flavors. Garnish with sugared cranberries for the perfect drink.

*Some of these ingredient links may be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.*


β€’ 2 ounces pomegranate juice
β€’ 2 ounces cranberry juice
β€’ 1 dash Angostura bitters, optional
β€’ 2 ounces ginger beer
β€’ Freshly grated nutmeg, for topping
β€’ Sugared cranberries, for garnish


➊ In a cocktail shaker, combine cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and bitters, if using, with a couple of ice cubes. Shake until chilled, about 10 seconds. Strain the juice mixture into a cocktail glass.
βž‹ Grate just a bit of nutmeg on top of the mocktail. Garnish with a cocktail pick full of fresh sugared cranberries. Cheers!


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December 2, 2022 by Laura Ehlers

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