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Pickle Juice Shot with Tequila

April 15, 2022 | Laura

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Why have a plain tequila shot when you can have a pickle juice and tequila shot? This shot is perfect for all pickle lovers. The pickle juice and the tequila pair so well with each other especially when there's sea salt around the rim of the shot glass. Great option for any type of party!

Pickle Shots with Tequila Recipes

Pickle juice and tequila make a lovely pair.

If I'm going to have a pickle juice shot, I usually reach for the vodka.

But then the other day, I was enjoying a pickle martini. The martini consisted of gin, dry vermouth, and pickle juice. Pickle juice was used instead of olive brine to make a dirty martini. It got me thinking what other liquor pairs well with pickle juice.

My mind began racing and then entered the pickle margarita. But first, I had to test if pickle juice and tequila deserved to be together in the first place.

So this pickle tequila shot recipe was born. And by no means am I claiming that I'm the first person to make a shot of this kind, but I did think it tasted good enough to become a shot recipe on my blog. So here we are.

The tequila still comes through quite a bit in these shots. However, the pickle flavor that joins it helps tone it down a bit. The salt on the rim make these shots extra tasty. I like to chase a pickle juice tequila shot with a good ol' pickle instead of a lime wedge for more pickle flavor!

These pickle juice tequila shots are such an easy and quick recipe so let's get to it!

Pickle Juice Shot with Tequila Ingredients

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✽ Dill Pickle Juice (Pickle Brine): You gotta have dill pickle juice for these shots! Whatever your favorite brand of pickles is will work.
If you're anything like me, the jar of pickles in your fridge is almost out of juice because you like to drink it plain. I crave pickle juice all the time, and really I'm happy with just a shot of pickle juice plain. I'm considering buying Best Maid's gallon of pickle juice. This would solve all my problems!
For this particular shot, I used a jar of Vlasic pickles.

✽ Tequila: I like to use blanco tequila or silver tequila for these shots. Of course, the better the tequila, the better the shots. However, you can use whatever tequila you have on hand and would usually use for a shot of tequila. Cheap or fancy will work!

✽ Sea Salt: A bit of salt is usually eaten before a tequila shot to lessen the burn of the tequila. I also think that the sea salt makes this shot taste so good!

✽ Dill Pickles: I like to get the round hamburger pickle slices because you can cut a slit into them using the tip of a small knife. Then you can put them on the shot glass as a garnish. However, any dill pickle will work to chase this shot down- round slice, spear, cocktail, or whole pickle.

How to Make Pickle Juice with Tequila Shots

➊ In a cocktail shaker, combine two ice cubes, 1 ounce pickle juice, and 1 ounce tequila. Shake until chilled, about 10 seconds.

You can skip the cocktail shaker, but then you'll end up with a room temperature shot. It's not bad, but I prefer these pickle juice tequila shots cold.

You can also double or triple the recipe, as needed. Just also keep the recipe 1 part pickle juice to 1 part tequila.

Sea Salt for Tequila Shot

βž‹ Dip the rim of the shot glass into a bit of pickle juice. Then dip the glass into a pile of sea salt so the salt is all around the rim.

Tequila Pickle Shot Recipe

➌ Strain the pickle tequila shot into the prepared shot glasses. If desired, cut a slit into a round pickle slice. Place on the edge of the shot glass.

You could also just hold the shot in one hand and a pickle spear (or pickle slice) in the other hand. Then immediately after taking the tequila shot, eat the pickle. Cheers!

Pickle Juice and Tequila Recipe

Pickle Shots with Tequila Recipe: Questions

✽ Can you make these pickle shots with a different liquor?

Yes- there are many different types of alcohols that work with pickle juice. If you prefer vodka over tequila, next time try out this pickle juice shot with vodka recipe.

Another favorite is whiskey and pickle juice together. These popular shots are called pickleback shots. Original pickleback shots use Jameson whiskey, an Irish whiskey. The pickle juice is used as a chaser. The shot of Jameson is taken and then the shot of pickle brine is taken immediately after the whiskey shot.

The pickle juice is said to act as a neutralizer to prevent the burn and strong flavor of the shot of whiskey.

✽ Can I turn this pickle tequila shot into a cocktail?

I don't see why not! In fact, it's pretty good as a sipper when poured over a large ice cube. If the tequila is too much for you, you could reduce the tequila amount.

For a cocktail, try 1.5 ounces tequila shaken with 3 ounces pickle juice for a 1:2 ratio.

Another great option for this pickle juice tequila is using for a Bloody Maria. A Bloody Maria is a Bloody Mary but tequila is used instead of vodka.

The Bloody Maria would be so good if the tequila was replaced with this pickle juice tequila. Then stick a whole dill pickle or dill pickle spear into the glass to stir it all around. The perfect drink!

✽ Can I make these pickle tequila shots spicy?

Yes! If you are a fan of spicy food, the best way to add a bit of heat to these shots is by rimming the shot glass with a spicy seasoning instead of sea salt. I really like using Tajin which is a a mixture of chili pepper, lime, and salt.

You could also add a drop or two of hot sauce to the cocktail shaker as well for a spicy pickle juice shot!

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For this recipe:

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Pickle Shots Tequila

Pickle Juice with Tequila Shot

By Laura | Laura The Gastronaut
Prep Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 1 shot


Why have a plain tequila shot when you can have a pickle juice and tequila shot? This shot is a must if you are a fan of pickles. The pickle juice and the tequila pair so well with each other especially when there's sea salt around the rim of the shot glass. Great option for any type of party!

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β€’ 1 ounce dill pickle juice
β€’ 1 ounce tequila
β€’ Sea salt, for shot glass rim
β€’ Dill pickle slices, for garnish and chaser


➊ In a cocktail shaker, combine pickle juice and tequila with two ice cubes. Shake until chilled, about 10 seconds.
βž‹ Dip the rim of shot glass in a bit of pickle juice. Roll rim of shot glass in a pile of sea salt until the rim is coated.
➌ Strain tequila pickle shot into shot glass.
➍ If desired, cut a small slit into a round pickle slice, and place on to side of shot glass as a garnish.
➎ Take the tequila pickle shot and then chase it down with a pickle slice or a bite of a pickle. Cheers!


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April 15, 2022 by Laura Bullock

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